Firefox 47.0 (64-Bit)

Title Release: Firefox 47.0 (64-Bit)
Developer: Mozila
OS: Windows
Download Latest Version (45.04MB)


Firefox 47.0 is a free, powerful, famous, and full featured open-source web browser that offers many features and customization options. Its performance is excellent which provide higher speed and more trust able and secure area, and it’s designed to protect your privacy.

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, light and tidy open source web browser which is more famous in the world and now it get ranked number 3 in browser ranking. The key features that have made Mozilla Firefox so popular and find a lot of users are the simple and effective UI, browser speed and strong security capabilities. The browser is particularly popular with developers thanks to its open source development and active community of advanced users.

There are more ways that users may appeal to for altering the layout, such as themes for dressing up your web browser with different background colors or buttons and add-ons for embedding extra tools that let you check the weather, read RSS feeds, and more.

Firefox 48.0 Beta 1
Firefox 48.0 Beta 1

Firefox 47.0 Features:

  • Search the web
  • Keep your Firefox in sync
    Access your bookmarks, history, passwords and more from any device.
  • Find everything with the Awesome Bar
    We like to call Firefox’s address bar the “Awesome Bar” because it quickly finds places you’ve visited before.
  • Bookmark a website
    Save your favorite sites.
  • Set or change your home page
  • Customize the menu or the toolbar
    You can change the items that appear in the menu or your toolbar.
  • Add features to Firefox with add-ons
    Add-ons are like apps that you can install to make Firefox work the way you want.
  • Private Browsing
    Firefox’s Private Browsing feature allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information on your computer about which sites and pages you’ve visited.