Thunderbird 45.0

Title Release: Thunderbird 45.0
Developer: Mozilla Organization
OS: Windows
Download Latest Version (33.33MB)


Software made to make email easier.

Thunderbird is a free email software that’s easy to configure – and it’s loaded with great features!

Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 makes e-mailing safer, faster, and easier with many features such as advance spam filters, a built-in RSS reader, and search. Thunderbird was designed to prevent different viruses and to stop spam mails.

Thunderbird 45.0
Thunderbird 45.0

Thunderbird 45.0 Features:

  • Mail Account Setup Wizard
  • Personalized Email Addresses
  • One-click Address Book
  • Atachment Reminder
  • Multiple-channel chat
  • Tabbed Email
  • Search the Web
  • Quick Filter Toolbar
  • Search Tools
  • Message Archive
  • Activity Manage

and many more…